To Care Silk Luxury Quilts

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Luxury quilts – Silk is an expensive fabric used in clothing and bedding, including blankets silk that gives a touch of luxury to the bedroom. Many owners of silk bedding think when soiled or stained blanket must be taken to a professional for cleaning. This is not the case. Silk quilts can be washed, spot cleaned and stored in the home so that they last for years to come.

Place silk luxury quilts in a washing machine set on “warm”. Set the machine on “delicate” cycle and start the machine without any detergents, which can damage tissue and make it look dull. When the wash cycle is complete, remove the covers from the washer and hang it on a drying rack inside. Drying the outside can lead to sunburn.

Mix one cup of ammonia and three cups of water in a bowl. Soak a soft cloth in ammonia mixture and blot the stain until it is remove. Rinse stained area with plain water. Wash as usual. Great Silk quilts in a dry, dark area that will allow air movement for achieving silk. Avoid storing the silk quilt in a basement or attic. The air temperature in these areas is too extreme and can damage tissue. Loosely wrap the silk luxury quilts in cotton cloth to protect it from dust and dust mites.

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