Church Interior Design Ideas Fascinating

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Church interior design ideas – interior design of a church is supposed to be very functional yet visually appealing at same time. Decorating a church may reflect attitudes of their members. Ancient cathedrals with colored glass can remain virtually unchanged for centuries, however, even in small churches, something as simple as moving a potted plant can create a schism. Because of this, great care must go into design of interior of a church.

Church interior design ideas are a reflection of belief functions. Many Catholic churches are placed so that footprint of building resembles a cross. Building is typically higher than wide to draw minded of worshiper to sky. As worshiper approaches podium, they will walk through Stations of Cross. Purpose of design came from medieval times, when poor saw a representation of majesty of heavens in wealth of church.

Even small church interior design ideas can be taller than wider. By contrast, a small Protestant sanctuary may consist of a single room with little ornamentation. This often reflects belief that church building is only as a place to meet. In rural areas, a church can function as a home school and community center, or even part of a barn which has been donated for use by a member of congregation.

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