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Cork Tile Flooring Ideas – Cork tile flooring is similar to floorboard but with additional benefits such as insulation against noise and temperature. Cork tile is consider the perfect flooring solution. It is easy to maintain, pleasing to the eye, comfortable to walk on, soft and warm, keeps the noise out. Also insulates against temperature, and yet is rough and tough.

Cork tile flooring comes in a variety of hues from natural browns and beige to greens, reds, and even black. These multi-faceted tiles come with their own unique speckles and whorls and blend in easily with the decor, no matter what the type. Cork tile flooring was use in the old times but is now making a major reappearance not only because it is fashionable, but also because it is an environmentally friendly product that doesn’t require the cutting of trees. The bark is harvest once every nine years in accordance with strict harvesting standards, giving the trees time to regenerate themselves, when they will be ready for harvest again.

Cork tile flooring has all the benefits of natural cork products. Resilient, anti-static, sound absorbing, water resistant, insulating, and anti-allergenic. Cork tiles can be use in any room of the house or office. They are a favorite choice in sound recording studios because they support acoustical excellence and prevent an echo. Cork tile flooring is also resistant to friction and, therefore, long lasting. It provides the soft underfoot and insulation against heat and cold. The flooring is capable of “impact sound reduction” and “sound transmission reduction”. Cork floor tiles are priced in the same range as hardwood.

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