DIY Interior Shutters Ideas with Instruction

Posted on Interior Ideas

DIY interior shutters – Shutters are a wonderful way to add beauty and personality to your home. Whether adorning the walls or empty window you give protected from sunlight, interior shutters can be a great investment. Because they do time and wear as exterior shutters, interior shutters can be painted and decorated so that they are essentially your own little works of art.

DIY interior shutters measure the height and width of your window well. When measuring the width, remember that you’ll probably want to attach the molding panes around the sides of the window. Mark where you plan to install the hinges of the shutter and take action with these places. This will prevent you from making shutters that are too narrow for your windows. Create the first trigger. Measure and cut several pieces of wood to length using a miter saw.

DIY interior shutters place the cut pieces side by side and measures the width. You may need to use a partial piece of hardwood to the totally closed shutters. If this is the case, mark where you will cut the piece lengthwise and use a square to draw a straight line across the length of the room. Use a band saw, table saw or jigsaw to make the cut.

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