2018 Exterior Paint Color Schemes for Living Rooms

Posted on Interior Color

Exterior paint color schemes – The exterior of a home is one of concern in polish look of the house to look pretty and easy on the eyes. If you choose the wrong color, the house will look less good. If you choose the right color scheme, can make your home the most prominent in the neighborhood.

You want the house so the house is the most beautiful? Well for that in this article we will discuss exterior paint color schemes home. The color scheme is the most common styles applied by most people. This style uses only one main color plus two or more of the same color to reinforce. For example, the primary colors can be combined with a bright blue light blue and dark blue. Single color scheme is also called monochromatic color.

In exterior paint color schemes, there are two complementary colors used to paint the exterior of the house. Complementary colors are colors opposite each other on the color palette spectrum. Complementary scheme offers many shades of contrast that makes the house look more vivid. The house will seem to live with one dominant color and coupled with two or three accent colors that complement each other.

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