How to Clean VCT Tile Flooring

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VCT tile flooring РThe vinyl composition tiles design for high traffic areas such as schools. Shopping centers and even busy home kitchen. While commercial VCT tiles are often cleaned, buffed and polished, housing plates can go longer between polish insertion, especially if the new plates are properly cleaned, sealed and waxed. Ask your installer for recommended cleaning products; generally neutral floor cleaning solutions are best for VCT flooring.

A sweep the floor to remove all dust and debris from the VCT tile flooring installation. Mix neutral floor cleaner with water in a bucket according to the instructions of the packaging instructions. Neutral floor cleaner has a neutral pH, as opposed to acidic cleaning agents, such as citric acid, or a base cleaner, as ammonia. Neutral cleaners are available at hardware stores and home and garden centers.

Apply floor cleaner solution at VCT tile flooring with a wet mop. Rinse the mop in hot water and wring it until it is as dry as possible. Wipe the floor again to remove cleaning solution residues and wring it out when needed. Alternatively, you can remove the solution with a wet vac. Wait floor air dry completely. Clean and wring the wet mop.

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