How to Install 2×2 Floor Tile

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Install 2×2 floor tile can significantly improve the look of your kitchen or bathroom, and give it a distinctive feel. Purchase 2 x 2 floor tiles with the mesh support to keep the sheets plates together will be most beneficial if you install the tiles backsplash in a kitchen or installing tiles on a wall as a shower / Bath. Additionally, you can also install 2 x 2 floor tiles on the floor in the kitchen. And also bathroom or any other room in your home the same way.

Measure the area where you will install the 2×2 floor tile. Multiply the length of the area of ​​the width of the area to determine the areas of the area that will need to be tiled. Then, determine how many times you will need to buy. Place the plates in the design you want on the floor or other surface. This will help you visualize the better, especially if you have a design with different colored tiles. This helps to eliminate any mistakes.

Mix the mortar in a bucket according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Since grout spread in a thin layer over a small area. It is easier to work with a small portion of the installation surface to prevent the mortar from drying out. Start laying the tiles on the injected area, starting from the outer edge of the surface. Leave 1/8 of an inch between each tile as you install them and be sure they are still on the surface. Gently press each 2×2 floor tile grout so that they stick properly.

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