Installing Bi Fold Doors Interior

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Bi-fold doors interior – Folding doors are a solution practice for construction of small space. Also allow protection solve large openings, without installing crosspieces, leaving free, the entire extent of the opening. The lack space in modern homes, is essential to making the most of every corner, for which the folding doors or booklet, are ideal for the reduced space occupied and ease of assembly. Installation of folding doors

These bi-fold doors interior have a sliding opening. The opening system is similar to the sliding door, but the door is opened on itself, like an accordion, which occupies more space than a sliding door, but allows its location in narrow places such as corridors, which do not allow the sliding doors. They are functional and practical and can be used as a room divider or pantry, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.

Bi-fold doors interior instead of being formed by a single sheet, they are composed of two or more sheets, which are connected by hinges. Joint hinges are hidden from view, just as the rollers by the door, which are mounted in guides that are installed on the floor and upper door frame slips. They can be manufactured in different materials, PVC, aluminum, wood, MDF, vinyl. Support various finishes, lacquered, painted, you can also add glass to allow the passage of light.

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