Interior Barn Sliding Doors Ideas with Photo

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Interior barn sliding doors – We do not know whether trend or is thanks to the reform programs of houses that are lately so popular on television, but either case is that the doors of “barn” or “stable”, whether new or recovered, are increasingly present in the decor. The origin of the doors barn is found in the gates of the granaries of American farms, usually two sheets of wooden planks with crossbars crossed. Place this type of door is becoming a common practice of architects, designers, or owners whose goal is to create better flow without sacrificing the ability to partition spaces.

Besides its more notorious than attractive, the fact that Interior barn sliding doors are an added advantage as it saves a lot of space. To us personally like a lot more independent style recovered doors because they provide much more personality to the decor, although currently exist in the infinite possibilities to adapt your taste, market and recognize are great painted in a different color than natural wood.

Ironwork, paneled, glass, wrought iron? All these elements can give a different touch to our home. To install only have to place bearings at the top, which also can not be conditioned by the height of the door frame, but we can play with the total height of the wall. Here we leave some ideas to put Interior barn sliding doors.

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