Interior Design Color Palettes for Living Rooms

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Interior design color palettes – Modern interior design for homes habitable now usually have a concept that tends toward the minimalist style. The minimalist interior style characterized by the use of monochrome colors with geometric formations. Accessories complicated and using excessive ornamentation is rare in modern minimalist interior design.

Therefore the material encountered also ranges from stainless steel, glass, or fiber. All of these materials can give a modern effect in the room. As the house is habitable following the appearance looks modern and sleek with a use of color original material. Color monochrome interior design color palettes black, gray and white serve as the main color concepts. The result is a display space that tends to seem cool. But then the room is balanced by the use of yellow wall paint in the bedroom area, give a little tinge of warm in the room.

Before you use interior design color palettes you should know that there are three classes of Primary colors are red, blue and yellow. Secondary color, if you make a combination of the three colors, you will get the color: orange, green and purple. Tertiary colors, then, if you make a combination of the three secondary colors you get six colors.

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