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Living room interior design ideas – From this article you will learn how to make interior of living room in a minimalist style. In this article we show you how to arrange interior in style of minimalism, which is in living rooms of small dimensions will look attractive and successful than other areas. Basic idea of minimalism is predominance of practical than aesthetic values.

Living room interior design ideas minimalist style was formed through merger of two different directions – functionalism and Japanese style, combining best of their quality. Most important rule when creating a minimalist design is availability of space and no pretentious decor. Minimalism accepts only necessary and useful things, and then some household items can be designed as a stylish accessory.

Living room interior design ideas minimalist style is more suitable for large areas, but unfortunately not everyone has ability to change his little apartment to apartment with modern layout. If desired, combined with other areas. For example, if living room seems too boring and fresh, add interior bright saturated colors, motifs of African and Arab patterns, and then interior will resound in new ways.

Color solution minimalist style often leans toward beige, white and brown tones. As a rule, contrasting those with more saturated black or gray shades. Our design project is done in warm colors ocher brown. In part of living room, where clock and table with a lamp, we use more neutral shades of gray and beige. All this leads to living room is wider and visually push boundaries of room. Another more striking element we decided not to add.

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