Luxury Bed Linens Tips

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Luxury bed linens – You are such a consumer expert Good Housekeeping call you. But choosing a luxury bedding and duvet cover ensemble has you stumble. Before the next Good Housekeeping teleconference, here are a few tips for choosing luxury bed linens fashion.

DIE: Hold wholesale luxury sheets and pillow shams, up to the light. If the light does not pass through the fabric, linen is a luxury one; ask a sales associate to take the luxury bed linens out of the bag. Press it against the skin (just make sure you have not been to a tanning salon) to see how it feels. If you choose silk or satin luxury fashion bedding, buy a luxury bedding and duvet cover set. Choose bedding covers to protect your silk and satin.

Do not: Do not buy luxury bed linens online without scoping out different fine luxury linens in stores. Do not just automatically bring home to luxury bed linens ensemble because it fits your Tommy Bahamas decor. You can choose a better quality, softer fashion luxury bedding package in solid colors that blend with your tropical theme. Do not assume that the highest price does litter will be best for you. If the thread count and fill count are 1100 and 900, and you need 600 and 600, go for the lower price luxury bed linens.

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