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Luxury dog crates – The idea to train your little dog to use a litter box as if it were a cat may sound a little weird. But, like most good ideas, it’s just great. We show the advantages, what you need and how to teach your little dog to use a litter box for dogs. Provide a litter box your dog (and train him to use) offers a solution to their physiological needs when you need it, no matter what time of day or night will come the urge. In addition, it is also very convenient, especially for those living in apartments or who do not have the luxury of having a fenced yard where a small dog can run and poop freely. Even if you have a lawn, you also have to collect the “stinking mines” your dog, or dodge them every time you walk through the garden, unless you learn to use a litter box, of course.

So how can you convince your dog to use luxury dog crates? You will have to spend several months offering positive reinforcement every time you use it, but otherwise, the exercise is no different than any other type of training on the control of their sphincters.

Luxury dog crates, you can use the same techniques in both puppies and adult dogs. Nurtures and gives drink to your dog at regular intervals throughout the day. Then, take him to the litter box and help him to lie within it. Give a command, such as bath to tell you to your needs.

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