New Floor Transition Tile to Wood

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Floor transition tile to wood – New floors are now available in much more manageable formats. Such as slats, tiles and rolls. They are fix by mechanical elements or adhesives easily removable. Or can be apply directly on the previous floor without having to lift it thanks to its minimum thickness. In this way, the revolutionary idea of ​​a floor that can be move like a piece of furniture has cease to be a futuristic chimera and  then, it is an affordable reality.

The ceramic floor transition tile to wood consists of tiles on a plastic matrix that forms the base and joints,. Eliminating the need for adhesive material. It arose in principle for temporary installations. Or for pavements that require rapid commissioning. such as offices and commercial premises. But is perfectly applicable to dwellings.

Vinyl floor transition tile to wood are an alternative to parquet floors and wood laminates. Vinyl is a durable, hypoallergenic material with acoustic insulation properties. It is install in mud, tile or roll, glue or click type as the floating parquet. Its versatility allows it to imitate not only wood. But other materials such as stone, concrete or fabrics.  It can be dispose of without problems at the end of its useful life as it is biodegradable. Previously it used to be installed as a continuous pavement, so its application required a professional, but nowadays it is also available in easy-to-install tile format.

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