Paint With The Glidden Interior Paint Colors

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Paint With The Glidden Interior Paint Colors – When it comes to paint yourself projects interior, most homeowners want a painting of good quality at a reasonable price. Although it is not an elite brand quality painting, General Glidden offers good quality for homeowners who are on a budget. There is not much difference between the application of Glidden paint and other paint marks. However, since some styles Glidden paint tend to be thin, it is important to follow exactly the following application process to prevent drips and runs.

Paint with the glidden interior paint colors the first cover all furniture and electronics with a high strength fabric or plastic sheeting. Remove valuable or fragile items in the room completely. Fill all nail holes with putty. Allow the putty to dry for one to two hours. Use fine sandpaper to smooth the putty. Pour Glidden paint in a five gallon bucket until it is half full. Place the screen roller in the paint bucket. Place the roller cover firmly to the roller frame. Screw the roller frame firmly to tread post.

Dip the roller into the five gallon bucket full of glidden interior paint colors. Saturate the roller cover and then rub against the screen to remove excess paint. Carefully place the roller cover against the top of the left side of the wall. Roll down until you reach the bottom, and then proceed up until the roll becomes dry. Dip the roller again and precede paint, moving from left to right until the entire wall is painted. Paint unpainted parts with his brush remaining three or four inches. Dip the brush only halfway in the five gallon bucket full of Glidden paint. Paint in long smooth strokes.

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