Protect a Contemporary Leather Sectional

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Contemporary leather sectional – Leather sectionals are popular furniture found in many living rooms and a seating area. The leather fabric is among the most adaptable and durable choice when it comes to choosing furniture upholstery, as its simple elegance fits almost any decor. To get the maximum use out of the leg and keep the quality of the preserved skins and looking its best, should follow some routine maintenance

Vacuum the leather regularly to remove dirt that accumulates. Remove pillows also, cleaning under all sectional cushioning. Pour enough hot water on a cloth to dampen it a little, and wipe over the leather. This will remove built-up dirt and debris. Grease a layer of toothpaste over all the stains on the leather and buff with a damp cloth. The toothpaste will certainly buff the stains without damaging the leather. Create a conditioning treatment that will be applied on the contemporary leather sectional. Mix 1 cup vinegar and 2 cups of linseed oil.

Protect a contemporary leather sectional, Dip a cloth into the mixture and rub a thin, even layer over the entire leg. Let stand overnight. Buff of the sections the following morning with a clean cloth. Buff in small, circular motions, and the leather is called and polished. Apply a coat of color guard that is safe for use on leather. These can be purchased from any store or home improvement store and is available in either spray or rub-on form. This will provide the most protection against stains and spills.

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