Remove Latex Paint from Rubber Tile Flooring

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Rubber tile flooring – Rubber floor tiles are beautiful, but the costs are high. Use special care in cleaning and maintenance to avoid accidentally damaging the surface. Always use a mild detergent on the rubber tiles sensitive unfortunately, because of its composition. Removes latex paint without application of paint remover or acetone products. A wax and dirt floor-stripping compound together with a plastic spoon. Will remove latex paint without damaging the tiles.

Instructions to removing latex paint from rubber tile flooring: Purchased a quality floor stripper normally removes wax and dirt. Some products have to use full strength. While others require adding chemical in water. According to the label instructions exactly regarding preparation and strength. Apply a small amount stripper assembled directly to the area that has latex paint. Scrub area with the cleaning brush. Scrape the paint with a plastic spoon. Do not use any sharp scrape the rubber tiles.

Dry rubber tile flooring area with a damp cloth. And then reuse word stripping any remaining color. Continue with scraping, and then scrubbing the paint until it is gone. Rinse with a damp cloth. Let dry rubber tiles. Apply a layer of rubber tile sealant on the floor after removing the paint. Allow the recommended drying time suggested on the label sealant before using the word.

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