Rubber Playground Flooring Safety

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Rubber playground flooring – According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, playground accidents are responsible for nearly 200,000 injuries each year. CPSC and the National Program for Playground Safety recommend the use of certain cushioning material as a base for playground structures. These materials reduce the risk of serious injuries due to falls and other playground mishaps.

Rubber playground flooring is durable and flexible. When the young child they fall while playing, we not confuse. Because the mats are smooth and giving comfort to young children. Rubber mats are strong. Rubber mats also can withstand the rough-and-tumble play from child. Rubberized flooring used in gymnasiums and other sporting facilities, but it is also ideal for outdoor play yards.

Mulch rubber playground flooring is one of the answers. Its provides the most versatile. It is available in either a shredde or nugget types, with many several choices colors. Rubber mulch is one hundred percent metal free. When interlocking rubber playground flooring provides continuous. The padded protection of the surface area of the playground. The plates are locked together and have an internal support structure built to safety specifications. Long lasting and come in a variety of colors. Maintenance is low and minor repairs can make from with the replacement filler.

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