Some Types Terracotta Floor Tiles

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Terracotta Floor Tiles – One of the most natural and handmade materials that we can choose for our house are the terracotta floors. Although traditionally they have been present in rustic environments and campers. Today they can also be chosen in more contemporary spaces. The terracotta floors are a classic in rustic style decor. There is no town house that boasts that it does not have a good mud floor on the ground floor (for the top floor the star material has always been wood).

The truth is that the earthy colors, natural and heterogeneous texture. Simple finishes make this material a classic of rustic pavements. One of the characteristics of this material is its heterogeneous appearance, which is the result of the craftsmanship that defines the entire manufacturing process. Although the manufacturing process of the terracotta floor tiles comes from old. There are still companies that are dedicating to manufacturing this type of products. This type of totally manual manufacture gives the clay tiles their characteristic rustic appearance and irregular texture.

When some part of the process is mechanizing, or in those more industrialized productive processes. The result is mud terracotta floor tiles of appearance and texture more homogeneous. According to the type of clay that is using in the manufacture of tiles. Its color will either it may be more reddish, more golden or straw, browner, lighter or darker, etc.

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