Sophisticated Contemporary Crown Molding Paint

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Contemporary crown molding – the owners are usually crown molding to add a touch of elegance to a room. This decorative trim is normally used for covering edge where roof meets wall but can also be used in cabinets or other pieces of furniture. Paint trim in a room can give it a more distinctive look and help bridge gap. Several options are available when it comes to paint crown molding, ranging from subtle and sophisticated bold and modern.

Most traditional aspect when painting contemporary crown molding is to match color of window, door and baseboard trim in room to unify space. In most cases owners or grayish white paint used for these areas because colors give a room a classic look and add visual interest points in fourth so that walls do not mix together. When choosing a white or gray paint its molding, looking for a semi or high gloss paint. These finishes have different degrees of brightness that reflect light and draw eye. Medium and high gloss paints are often easier to clean than flat or matte painting, so it is important when used as a light color to paint white trim.

For homeowners who find idea of painting his crown a dull white or cream color, with a color that contrasts slightly with wall can provide a whimsical look. Contemporary crown molding contrast gives a room a look that mimics almost as a frame around an image. When selecting a tone, do not choose a color that is too dark, also much attention to molding and outshine other elements in room. In rooms with high ceilings, however, bolder color contrast between wall and color of crown molding can help space seem less imposing. Use semi or high gloss paint to trim a bright look.

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