Stunning Contemporary Window Treatments

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Contemporary window treatments – window to right treatment can make or break a room. best window treatments balance beauty and function, enhance a home style, highlight interesting architectural features or camouflage flaws. average American home has 20 to 30 windows, making window treatments an important element of design

Curtain or floor-length panels hung from poles, is a classic choice of contemporary window treatments. They can be formed from any substance, such as silk, velvet or linen, and are usually preferable. panels can be pleated, gathered or straight. Draperies are attached to rod by calling, tabs, strips or curtain hooks. More contemporary curtain has ring tops. Some curtain pulling closed to cover window. Others are simply decorative and stationary, often called ” dummy ‘panels

Other types of contemporary window treatments include swags (dramatic, semi-circular plummets of fabric hung at top of a window), cornices (usually a padded table covered with fabric to a more structured look at top of a window), or panels fashioned from parts of beads, shells or other objects, and hung on either side of a window. Often, privacy and light control are concerns when covering a window. In this case, shades and blinds used alone or with other treatments. A shadow, a single length of fabric, bamboo, grass woven or other material may be raised and lowered in order to block view, or sunlight.

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