Vinyl Tile Flooring Lowes

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Vinyl tile flooring Lowes are dull and drab, so if you use a room with a concrete floor as living space, you’ll probably want to finish the floor in any way. You can paint, stain or mat a concrete floor. For a durable and decorative solution to your concrete floors, self-adhesive vinyl tiles are also an option. The plates come in a wide range of colors and patterns markings, are relatively easy to clean and keep up to spills and daily use. A vinyl tile flooring Lowes must be properly prepared to ensure proper adhesion.

Clean the Floor

The surface must be free of dirt and grease before installing vinyl tile flooring Lowes. Sweep or vacuum loose dirt from the floor, and wipe the floor with a soap and water to remove dirt and grease using a long-handled scrubbing brush for tough stains. The floor must be completely dry before proceeding. Big fans will speed up the drying process.

Before considering installing vinyl tile flooring Lowes on the concrete floor, check the floor for moisture. Tape down a 24-inch square of plastic on the floor, and leave it for 24 hours. If moisture or darkening is present, vinyl tiles are not installed until the floor is treated for moisture, which will destroy your vinyl.

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